Top 10 rap songs of 2021

rap songs

Rap songs are the ones that are usually the songs that bring the motivation to work or do whatever we are up to. People need good hearing ability to listen to these songs are they are usually fast versed. The artists express their life stories, work, the way they live in the form of songs. 2021 is not a bad year to listen to rap songs as there were many hits. The top 10 rap songs that got the most views for this year are as follows,

Thot Shit

Thot Shit is a song by Megan Thee Stallion that got 19 million views in just a month. It is revenge against the conservatives. It is also a moral panic to the people who are allegedly in fear of God.

Migos ft. Drake- Having Our Way

People who heard this song were quite impressed by the lyrics. Drake being a star, knows the choice of people. The beats in the music make it one of the best songs as well. The video has got over 5.6 million views in a month.

rap songs

ArrDee- Oliver Twist

Riley Davis is the singer whose performing name is ArrDee. The initials of the names formed it. He took the reference of his early days where his family was poor in Brington. He was raised by himself by scheming and had disruptive behavior. In a month, this song got over 15 million views.

Eminem- Gnat

The RAP GOD has his name, too, in the top rap songs of 2021. In just seven months, this video has achieved to get more than 59 million views. The song was debuted on UK Singles Chart at number 65, and now it is at the number 11 on UK R&B Singles Chart.

Jack Harlow ft. Big Sean- Way Out

Way out is a song sung by the rapper Jack Harlow with the fellow American Big Sean. The song is in the 18th position on the US Hot R&B/Hip Hop songs billboard.

rap songs

Playboi Carti ft. Kid Cudi- M3tamorphosis

Cudi’s hums and verses are the best parts of the song. This song got 9.1 million views on youtube in 6 months. Cudi made all his way to make this song much better.

NLE Choppa- Protect

This song is the second individual of NLE Choppa after the mixtape of his birthday. This song has achieved 2.2 million in 6 months on youtube. The lyrics in this song have been above the average level, and the verses talk about many different topics.

Russ ft. Lil Baby-UGLY

Russ’s Ugly had entered the billboard. This song is his first song of the year, collaborating with Lil Baby for his melody. It got 5.4 million views in 6 months on youtube.


This song is a single released by DaBaby labeling South Coast Music. It attained a reach of 40 million views in just six months.

Sweetie ft. Doja Cat-Best friend

“Best friend” is a song released on January 7, 2021, as a third song collaborating with Doja Cat. It got 148 million views in just six months.

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